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Tasbih Karamah User Testimonies

Hundreds of people have been using Tasbih Karamah, and they shared us joyful experiences after using it. Below are some testimonies we received: 

My wife forgave me
Thanks to  Nusantara Parapsychology Association for helping me to solve my marital problem. Due to my own mistake, my wife left me for her parents. I had apologized profusely but she still refused to forgive me. It had been 5 months when she finally came back after I got Tasbih Karamah. Her anger dissipated, she later forgave me after my inner efforts to open her heart. Now she even loves me more. Our relationship works better than before. Thank God, Tasbih Karamah could be a medium to reopen my wife's heart.

Mr. Hendarto - Surakarta

Opening Door to Ilmu Hikmah

I was born in a religious environment close to ilmu hikmah (a spiritual deed consists of Quranic verses, certain prayers, hizib or Arabic holy charms balanced with inner conduct to approach God and cleanse our soul from negative traits of all kind). Therefore I've been learning ilmu hikmah since I was a child. But somehow, all those deeds I practiced hadn't reached me yet. Like there was an obstacle that failed me from learning Ilmu Hikmah. Then I ordered Tasbih Karamah. The result was strange. Besides the benefits it offers, I also felt the power of ilmu hikmah I used to learn slowly reaching me. I later concluded that all those deeds I had practiced were not fruitless. The power of ilmu hikmah couldn't reach me because there was an obstacle that made me troubled. And after I get Tasbih Karamah, the door of knowledge is now open for me to absorb all knowledges I used to learn.

Abdul Wahid - Palangkaraya

Healing Practice Support

I'm an alternative healing practitioneer in Medan. I have opened healing practice since 2005. In August 2011, I ordered Tasbih Karamah Akbar. When I use it to heal my patient, the result is magnificient. Healing percentage rises significantly and healing process becomes a lot faster. With Tasbih Karamah I can even detect whether or not my healing energy has been transferred perfectly. Therefore my healing practice shows better result. My word is that Tasbih Karamah has many blessing, but don't let yourself forget that everything comes from God and human should not be arrogant.

Imam Bukhari - Yogyakarta


Sale Rate Rises by 200% in 3 Months.

I own a material store of which sale had been decreasing. My wife later informed me of Tasbih Karamah that might help. Initially, I wasn't sure. But my wife insisted to order, so I did. I didn't expect much, nothing more than to appease my wife. I put the tasbih at store. Slowly our sale improved and after three months sale rose by 200% in total. Another effect I feel is that me and my employees became more spiritful after I put Tasbih Karamah at store. Because now I'm really sure, yesterday I just ordered another Tasbih Karamah to help those people in need. Honestly, I was briefly ashamed to my wife and God for questioning His blessing. 

Aulia Rachman - Banjarmasin

Thank God, My Mother is Healed from Stroke

My mother was diagnosed with stroke and had been bedridden for 10 months. Hundred million rupiahs had been spent for her therapies and medications, but none worked yet. Then I coincidentally found that took my interest, so I ordered Tasbih Karamah Akbar. I performed healing therapy to my own mother by transferring healing power while I was practicing Wirid Asmak Karomah. Slowly but surely, my mother got well. Now she can fluently speak and walk again, even though she still has to use walking stick. It's a wonderful miracle, I can't describe how happy my family was. Doctor once stated that my mother was already hopeless, but I kept trying with faith and istiqomah. I believe that as long as we are still alive, we have to keep trying till the end.

Andy M. Karyadi - Makasar


Getting the Job I Wanted

According to me and my friend's opinion, I'm not a lazy individual. I'm very responsible and reliable to handle financial transaction. But somehow, everytime I applied for a job, I always failed. Even though I've been preparing my self as well as I could. One day my brother lent me his Tasbih Karamah. I tried to apply for a job again. On the evening before interview, I read Wirid Asmak Karomah as taught by my brother under an intention to be successful. Thank God, I got a job with satisfying salary. After that I ordered my own Tasbih Karamah. I feel that after using Tasbih Karamah, my life has been so fortunate.

Elvina Angraini - Jakarta

Wrong Target

My testimony is short. One day I went out to buy cigarettes when suddenly a bunch of men approached and started to beat me up. There were six or seven of them, I chouldn't recall really well because I was beaten without warning. One of them used wooden club while the others used their fists. They beated me repeatedly, but somehow I felt nothing. There was no wound or bruises whatsoever. Those men later ran away when people from surrounding neighbourhood tried to save me. I didn't know why they attacked me. They could be mistaken me for their initial target since I never have any enemy. On that day I was so astonished by God's mercy. For 3 months I had been practicing Wirid Asmak Karomah with Tasbih Karamah. I feel many changes, but the most notable one is the beating incident. I hope that incident strengthen my faith and prevent me from boasting myself.

Syamsurizal - Bandung

More Confident

I'm now 23 years old. Since I was a kid I had been dreaming to be a public speaker or preacher. But sadly I had weaknesses, that is easily nervous and jittery when speaking in public. I had tried to eliminate my weaknesses by joining public speaking courses in Jakarta. Nothing changed yet. Unintentionally, I found out about Tasbih Karamah when I was browsing the internet. I was interested by it's benefits, especially benefit to gain courage. Everyday I practiced Wirid Asmak Karamah for about three minutes and I felt my courage appeared and improved. Sometimes in spare time I practiced wirid until thirty minutes, and it felt magnificient. I felt like there was a strong energy radiated from my body. Now my nervousness is no longer there. I become more enthusiastic to start my career as a public speaker or preacher. 

Mohamad Zulfikar Arsyad - Kediri

She Finally Loves Me Back

I had been approaching someone I like for 4 months. I even once tried to charm her with help of a shaman, but it didn't work. Until I seeked the means by using Tasbih Karamah Akbar. Within less than a month, the result started showing. The reaction was slow, but steady. Now we have been together for three months. I'm going to propose her soon. Hope our relationship goes smoothly. Amen.

Irfan Haryanto - Semarang

Given A Better Someone

I'm now 100% sure that the firman "... But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not." (Qs. Al-Baqarah : 216)." is absolutely correct.  For all this time I had been romantically pursuing a woman who never loved me back. I tried my best to gain her affection through appropriate efforts (praying, flirting, seducing) and inappropriate ones (charms, black magic) but all never worked. Seemed like I forced God to make that woman love me. Even my initial intention of ordering Tasbih Karamah was to make her mine. In user guide it's mentioned that we can't force God to grant us our wishes. We suppose to live by God's will, not our own. That's why when practicing dhikr with Tasbih Karamah I prayed, "Dear God, if she's good for me, then ease my way, but if she's not good for me, make me forget her and give me your guidance." After seven days of practicing dhikr with that prayer, I suddenly felt composed  and no longer thought about the woman. On 21st day I went to my friend's place. He introduced me to a woman who attracted my attention and we later started seeing each other. I'm so grateful to be her boyfriend, she's so kindhearted and clever. I hope she's my destined match because we fit each other so perfectly. I express my gratitude to for giving me light in my life. I used to be an obsessive person, anything I desired should be granted although in the end I suffered because of my own obsession. Now after continuously practicing dhikr with Tasbih Karamah, my life is more peaceful. I never worry about my unanswered prayers, because I'm sure God knows what is best for me.

Muhammad Zein - Bengkulu


Feeling Energy While Practicing Dhikr

It's hard for me to write down my experience in words, because it's a matter of feeling. Everytime I practice dhikr with Tasbih Karamah, it feels like there is some wave of energy that flows in my hands, back, feet and head. Like a soft electrical current inside my body. I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's a good blessing for me. Because after using Tasbih Karamah, my life becomes successful and happy. My business improves, my marital life feels much better and exciting. May God bless Tasbih Karamah team.

Dani Cahyadi - Pangkal Pinang


Turning Foe into Friend

I would like to share a little about my experience. It began when I won an antique auction in which a well-respected figure in my region also participated. After the auction, I started to notice something wrong. Troubles kept coming, several friends avoiding me, I didn't know why. But after a bit of investigation I found out that those were done by the aforementioned well-respected figure. I had met him several times in the past and there was never problem. Apparently he despised me because I kind of embarassed him by winning that auction. He defamed me and even said that he was going to attack me with dark magic. I received threats by text message and phone on daily basis. I later found out about Tasbih Karamah. I tried it as a last resort because I could barely stand the situation. After a few days I felt much calmer. The terrors abated. I didn't know why, but thank God the man also started to open up with me. Long story short, we became friends. It's a God's magnificiency but I should thank Tasbih Karamah as a medium to live my life happily again. My gratitude to God, hope everyone gets benefits from this tasbih, too.

Helmy, Pekanbaru.

 Creating Opportunity by Approaching God

My parents' obsession was to put me into Police Academy. For the past couple years I had been signing in selection test, but never been lucky yet. I knew they wished me to be a cop since my grandfather used to be a police officer, too.  I used to be told that my father wanted to join police enforcement, but he couldn't make it and became a civil servant instead. Thanks to God his profession sufficed our life so far. But since I was still a little boy my father always advised me to be a police officer. He said I would be much of a help for my country if I manage the position. That was how I understood how much they want me to serve as a cop. After graduating from high school I applied straight ahead. All requirements fulfilled. But the result had never been positive. Same thing repeated the next year. At one point I almost gave up and swore that the next year would be my last attempt. When I applied, my father gave me a tasbih  and some simple chant to recite after my daily prayers. I did what he told me,  everyday for almost a month and when selection exam nearing I did it more often. Not only after prayers but also during any spare time I had. Father said he learned the practice from And the result was predictable, I was accepted after trying three times. All gratitudes in the world couldn't express how much grateful I am now.

Arman, Yogyakarta.

  Behind My Calamity

People say there is always wisdom behind every incident. But what I had been experiencing wasn't reflecting that statement. First of all I lost both my legs in an accident. Then I got fired from my job because of my condition. The last and the worst was my wife and children left me since I could no longer provide their life. All of them were so painful like a series of miseries that struck me repeatedly. A thought of comitting suicide crossed my mind but fortunately I still had my faith intact to prevent myself from doing that. Then one day my friend reminded me that no ordeal would be given beyond one's capability. God is the most gracious, the most merciful. He would never let His humble servant suffer in devastation. Even human tend to help each other, let alone God. His words touched me so much. Then I started approaching God again. I read books and browsed information from internet about His sovereignty, His blessing, how to pray to Him, etc. Then I found Tasbih Karamah. I thought that maybe it could help me praying to God to rearrange my almost crumbled life. I wished that even though I no longer possessed any leg I could still fight for my life and conduct my worship more solemnly.  Finally after ordering Tasbih Karamah and gaining God's blessing I started rearrange my life. I felt like being given a guidance to start an online business so my business partners don't have to see my condition. The next month my family came back and we were united again like we used to be. They also fully realized that what I had been through was a mere ordeal from God.

Yusuf Ibrahim, Jombang East Java.


God is With Those Who Patiently Persevere

Deep down in my heart I always wanted to help people and be loved by them. It was  like a tradition in my family, where there was always someone people need. But unluckily something happened, something bitter and could potentially destroyed my aspirations. I was accused of being involved in a case I didn't even understand. Suddenly a group of disguised police officers came one night to arrest me for something I didn't know. I was brought against my will by around five men for investigation purpose. They accused me of fraud after someone whose name I wasn't familiar with reporting me. Perhaps someone set me up but I didn't want to be prejudiced. During investigation process I always brought Tasbih Karamah with me as a tool  to keep me patient and composed. I thought that God would surely help those who remain honest and patient. And I tried to keep istiqomah, praying for help from the Almighty One. With Tasbih Karamah I hoped composure would be mine to go through this situation with ease. During trial process I also brought the tasbih with me to make me feel closer to God. In short, I was later pronounced innocent and finally released. Many people advised me to sue back but I didn't want to make enemy with anyone. I didn't even want to know why he did that to me. And Thank God since that problem was solved, more people came to me and behind all those commotion apparently there was a wisdom I could learn.

Benny Handoko - Jakarta 

Healed from strange illness

For years I had been feeling strange symptoms in my body. Since my first son's birth until recently (he's now in middle school) I felt pain in my stomach and head ever so often. Sometimes my neck felt so stiff, especially when I woke up. Everytime I suffer a relapse my stomach hurted so much like being continuously stabbed. I went to seek medical help but city scan showed no result. Doctor said that there was no problem with me. I was only advised to rest well, eat well and take my medicine. But day by day I felt more pain. I even tried some alternative healings but came to no avail. I slowly became frustrated and so the pain multiplied. Then my son that I mentioned earlier told me about Tasbih Karamah. Pushed by sheer curiosity, I decided to read it myself. Maybe it was by God's will that I immediately ordered one. I hoped it could help me calling out for God in relevance to  my disease. The more I practiced the given deed, the closer I feel to God. I sincerely accepted what I experienced. And after several weeks, the pain drastically abated.  Within less than a month I felt like being reborn. My pain disappeared completely and hopefully never relapse.

Thank you.

Mrs. Ernilawati - Palembang

tasbih karomah
tasbih karomah