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What is Tasbih Karamah?

Tasbih Karamah is a tasbih made of stones which have been empowered with wirid, dhikr, hizib and prayers as taught by the saints. So it radiates ray of karamah that you can use as a means of support to your purposes and to solve your problems in life.

What are the benefits of Tasbih Karamah?

The benefits are so many. By God's will, Tasbih Karamah is beneficial to gain success, fortune, commerce improvement, love power, authority, protection, safety, medication, health maintenance, non-medical healing, self confidence, household tranquility, inner power resurgence, and many more. Please read  99 Benefits of Tasbih Karamah for further information.

How long will the benefits of Tasbih Karamah last?

Forever, by God's will. As long as the tasbih is still in existence, since it's made of stones that won't be decayed as time goes by. It's different from wooden tasbih. Because it's made of durable stones, ray of karamah energy will last as long as the tasbih exists.

Is there any deed that needs to be done?

Yes, there is. If you want to always gain the benefits of Tasbih Karamah, you need to practice Wirid Asmak Karomah everyday. The incantation consist only of three words (names of God). In a day it needs to be recited for 2-3 minutes or one round of tasbih. The timing  is not bound, could be after prayer or other spare time you have. The only important point is that it has to be istiqomah, because istiqomah bears great blessing and karamah.

Is Wirid Asmak Karomah applicable to another tasbih?

It may so, but using Tasbih Karamah is more beneficial. When you practice Wirid Asmak Karomah with Tasbih Karamah, it's like saving energy or blessing that keeps increasing day by day. If you unintentionally don't bring Tasbih Karamah with you, then you can practice Wirid Asmak Karamah using another tasbih that is 33 x 3 in sum.

How to use Tasbih Karamah?

It's easy, you just need to name your purpose, then conduct Wirid Asmak Karomah with Tasbih  Karamah. Through istiqomah conduct, by God's will, your goals will be attained. You use Tasbih Karamah  as an inner effort medium by praying to earn God's help. For example, if you want to protect your children who live far away, you just need to state your intention to send protection energy for your children, then recite Wirid Asmak Karomah and blow the Tasbih Karamah  like blowing your children's head crown. A detailed user guide will be sent along with Tasbih Karamah package. We ensure you that there is no mystical ritual you have to practice. You don't need to fast nor to recite strange charms.

How long will it take to see the result of our inner effort with Tasbih Karamah?

It depends on how big your objective is or how complicated the trouble you experience. For light purposes, it might take a moment or a few days, where as for medium purposes it might take weeks and greater purposes  might take months. But the size of your purposes is not a definite measurement. Sometimes, even though the trouble is so complicated and urgent, a solution comes spontaneously from unexpected source. God knows the best time to help His servants.

Does Tasbih Karamah use any help of evil spirits?

No. Tasbih Karamah doesn't contain evil spirits of any kind. There is only pure blessing we call 'ray of karamah'. This blessing is gained by a filling process of hikmah, wirid, dhikr, hizib and prayers as taught by the saints. Ray of Karamah energy differs from evil spirits. Ray of Karamah is a blessing, whereas evil spirits tend to shove us astray after luring us with sweet nothings.

Is there any prohibition for Tasbih Karamah owner?

There is no prohibition. The only requirement is that it should be used for goodness. Goodness here refers to anything that doesn't bring any harm or loss towards yourself, others and doesn't cause damage to God's creation.

Is there any side effect for Tasbih Karamah user?

Tasbih Karamah has been used by many people and there is no reported side effect. This is due to the fact that Tasbih Karamah doesn't contain evil spirit and isn't processed through black magic ritual. As opposed, Tasbih Karamah owners gain many blessings they never expected.

Does Tasbih Karamah have to be always brought along?

No, you don't have to. You only need to use it when practicing Wirid Asmak Karomah. Tasbih Karamah can be left at home and you will still get the blessing even without bringing it along with you all the time.

Can a non-moslem own Tasbih Karamah?

Yes. Tasbih Karamah is indeed made by moslem spiritualists, but there should be no religious bound in helping each other. Just like a moslem may seek medication to a non-moslem and the other way around. Our Prophet taught that Islam is  rahmatulilalamin which means mercy unto the worlds, not for moslems only. NOTE: For non-moslems, there is incantation adjustment in Wirid Asmak Karomah. The point is to praise God with good titles.

Does an owner of Tasbih Karamah have to conduct 5 times daily prayer?

No. Even non-moslems can feel the blessings of Tasbih Karamah as long as he/she uses it to the good. If you are a moslem, then conduct your daily prayer on the ground of obedience to God, not of Tasbih Karamah. If so far you haven't been practicing your daily prayer diligently, by God's will Tasbih Karamah will gradually make you love your worship practice.

What if someone misuses Tasbih Karamah?

If someone dares to misuse Tasbih Karamah for bad intentions, then some blessings will stop temporarily. These blessing will be back again if the user repents his/her mistake with a promise not to repeat  it. If he/she doesn't repent, then the blessings will be blocked forever.

Can Tasbih Karamah be passed on to someone else?

Yes, it can be. You can pass on your Tasbih Karamah to your children, relatives or friends. After three years, blessings of Tasbih Karamah will unite with you, so you will no longer need it's physical form. Therefore, you can hand it over to anyone and teach him/her the practice of Wirid Asmak Karomah.

What if Tasbih Karamah is broken?

If the damage is not fatal, e.g. broken string, you can fix it by using fishing string or  ordinary string. If some of the beads are lost, as long as you still have at least 33 beads, it will suffice. These kind of damage doesn't affect the benefits of Tasbih Karamah. 

What if Tasbih Karamah is lost?

If your Tasbih Karamah is lost and you can't find it, you can report it to us so we can send you another one. You will be charged USD 35 for replacement and shipping cost .

What is Tasbih Karamah Akbar?

Tasbih Karamah Akbar is a custom-made Tasbih Karamah. We conduct the blessing proccess on Tasbih Karamah Akbar one by one, unlike Tasbih Karamah which is blessed congregationally. The amount of time we need to bless Tasbih Karamah Akbar with asmak, wirid, hizib, and prayers is around 4 hours, of which has to be done from midnight till close dawn. Tasbih Karamah Akbar has more benefits than ordinary Tasbih Karamah. For more information please read  Tasbih Karamah Akbar.

How much is mahr for Tasbih Karamah?

Mahr for Tasbih Karamah  is USD 70, whereas for  Tasbih Karamah Akbar is USD 248. Mahr is only an appreciation  for our production and service cost. Don't regard this as sale, because karamah can't be sold. With sincerity and understanding, your inner efforts with Tasbih Karamah will be a success.

How to get Tasbih Karamah?

There are two ways. You can visit our office in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia or order by transferring to our bank account and we'll send you the tasbih to your address. For complete information you can read How to order or contact us on +62-82223338771 during office hours or send your e-mail to [email protected]

If I order a package of Tasbih Karamah, what will I get?

You will get a Tasbih Karamah and it's user guide. For Tasbih Karamah Akbar, you will also receive Ilmu Asmak Karomah certificate and a little of salt  to drink and bath with. This salt has been specially blessed for you.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Our warranty consists of product warranty and assistance warranty. Product warranty means you will get Tasbih Karamah in the exact color and shape as seen on this site. Assistance warranty means we will help you spiritually with free consultation for a lifetime. This consultation will be conducted by Kang Masrukhan, our spiritual consultant and President of Nusantara Parapsychology Association. For more information click  Warranty & Order Provision.

Is there any after order consultation service?

Yes, there is. After getting Tasbih Karamah, you can consult by mail with Kang Masrukhan. Consultation by phone or e-mail is free.

Is Tasbih Karamah from www.tasbikaramah.com in any way related to another tasbih  with similar name?

No. Nusantara Parapsychology Association only manufactures two types of magical tasbih, Tasbih Karamah and Tasbih Karamah Akbar which are publicized on www.tasbihkaramah.com and several printed mass medias. Before sending any order, we suggest you to check whether or not the product you want to order is original. Two or more things can be similar in name but different in quality. Choose only the convincing ones. You also need to check office background and available phone number you can contact during working hours. 

Is using Tasbih Karamah permitted in Islam?

Islam allows moslems to gain blessing from blessed objects. For example, zam zam water is known for healing and prayer granting. In Islamic history we also find many magical objects, such as Prophet Solomon's ring, Prophet Moses' staff, Prophet Mohammed's cloak, Prophet Joseph's clothes and so on. The point is that gaining blessing from blessed objects, as long as you believe that those blessings come from God, is permitted. It becomes prohibited if you believe Tasbih Karamah possesses it's own power beyond God's.

tasbih karomah
tasbih karomah