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99 Benefits of Tasbih Karamah

Before you read any further about the benefits of Tasbih Karamah, we want you to understand that any benefit you would gain from Tasbih Karamah happens by the will of God. Tasbih Karamah is merely a medium, while all miracles happen as God's gifts. We hereby explain so you wouldn't be mistaken in appraising Tasbih Karamah. Don't let yourself deify anything that only act as medium. Keep resigning to God.

"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, Let believers put their trust".

Surah Al Imran verse 160

Tasbih Karamah  is made of 99 green natural stones as seen on picture above. Using special stone material, more durable and will last until hundreds of years. Below we name 99 benefits of Tasbih Karamah you can feel after possessing Tasbih Karamah and practicing Wirid Asmak Karamah.

Safety and Protection

  1. Your body will radiate protection aura which is difficult to breach using physical attack or mystical one.

  2. Surviving land, water and air traffic accident. If accident occurs, your body will be stronger and not easily wounded.

  3. Surviving any dangerous or risky jobs.

  4. Surviving calumnies that can damage your and your family's good name.

  5. Surviving mistreatment of rulers or other people who misuse their authorities.

  6. Surviving natural disasters, or evading them.

  7. Paralyzing people with harmful intentions so you don't have to physically argue with them. If someone wants to attack you, he/she will thud or fall back, paralyzed and immobile.

  8. For women, it works  to thwart sexual harassment or rape by automatically paralyzing the offender.

  9. Protecting from black magic influences.

  10. Even when you're asleep, ray of karamah energy will still protect you with everlasting protection aura which works automatically.

  11. When forced to engage in physical argument, your body will be immune to all weapons. This immunity covers all skin tissues, flesh, nerves, blood vessels and bones which will be invulnerable to any gash, slash or thrust. 

  12. Immune to bullet shot in critical condition. This benefit has been proven by owners of Tasbih Karamah, especially those from military circle.

  13. Invulnerable to any attack using hard and solid object and reduce the pain. Bruises or wound won't occur in case you are attacked. Also gives physical immunity to any object that is fallen on you or thrown at you. For example, a vase or rock fallen from above, by God's will, won't hurt you even if it hits you.

  14. Protecting from dark magic of any kind.

  15. Evading  poisonous foods and beverages.

General Love Power

  1. Loved and liked by many people to avoid hostilities and hatred from others.

  2. Your whole body will radiate affectionate aura.

  3. Your face looks glowing and radiates pleasurable aura.

  4. You will be loved by people around you.

  5. If you have a boss, he/she will like you more.

  6. Individual or people who want to cause you harm will turn to love you so they cease their intentions.

  7. Eliminating misfortunes in love. Very suitable for you who are often brokenhearted, cheated by your partner or having difficulties in finding a lovematch.

  8. Preserving relationship (dating/marriage). Your significant other will always faithfully stay in your side. You need not to worry that your partner will leave you.

  9. Radiating inner beauty for women and charisma for men.

  10. Gaining favour in social intercourse.

  11. When used for presenting in public (giving speech, singing, preaching), it will make many people drawn to you.

  12. If you're in trouble (e.g. legal issue or misconduct against authority), people will show you devotion and unconsciously support you. If you are proven guilty, you will get fair treatment and if you are innocent then you will be safe.

Particular Love Power

  1. You will radiate strong attraction and charm, but react gently. You can use it to draw attention from the one you love. In relatively quick time he/she will fall in love with you.

  2. If you love someone but that person hasn't fallen for you yet, you can make him/her love you with Tasbih Karamah. On one condition; both of you should be equal and responsible  for the sake of you both. Equal here means you and the one you desire are on par in term of social, economic and spiritual level.

  3. You can use it when starting a conversation with someone you just met in hope he/she will like or love you.

  4. You will soon find  a suitable match if you are in search of one. If you are ready to get married age-wise, mental-wise and material-wise but have yet to find a suitable significant other, with blessing of Tasbih Karamah you will shortly meet the one you expect.

  5. Softening the heart of people who hate you and making them love you instead.

  6. Softening strict-hearted boss to like you more.

  7. Can be used to obtain loan or capital, as long as you sincerely intend to repay the loan, then you will get it.

  8. Acquiring blessing from in laws-to be, parents and family members who don't approve of your relationship.


Household Tranquility

  1. Increasing your husband's or wife's loyalty to avoid unfaithfulness.

  2. Increasing household tranquility, with respect to each other and no quarrel. Suitable for families which frequently experience arguments stemming from small matters.  By God's will Tasbih  Karamah will set home atmosphere at peace.

  3. Getting your cheating partner back.

  4. For childless married couple, by God's blessing will soon have one.

  5. Blessing for all family members, so everyone in your house feels pleased and contented, making them feel comfortable at home.



  1. Radiating leadership charisma that makes you respected. Therefore your boss will respect you and your subordinates will be obedient to you.

  2. Your command will be heard and followed by others.

  3. You will easily influence other people.

  4. Leadership aura will radiate from your personality so your boss will most probably choose you if he/she looks for a new leader.

  5. You will subdue disobedient subordinates more easily.

  6. Rivals or enemies of yours will be afraid of you.

  7. People will be frightened (his/her whole body trembles) and dare not to fight back with only your snarl.

  8. Commanding people gently, but still obeyed. No feeling of coercion felt by those who follow your command.

  9. Easing debt collecting, making people afraid to delay paying debt.

  10. By God's will, it will also function to keep and maintain your position so it won't be overtaken by someone with bad intentions.



Courage and Self Confidence

  1. Growing exceptional self confidence.

  2. Eliminating nervousness step by step.

  3. Erasing all negative thoughts about oneself.

  4. Building a self independence feeling.

  5. Courage in taking actions.

  6. Courage and self confidence in public speaking.

  7. Eliminating anxiety and hesitation, so you will become a steady individual.


Inner Tranquility

  1. Your faith to God's mercy will increase.

  2. Heart stability in spending life. Your inner mind will be strong and steadfast in overcoming hard test or worship.

  3. Erasing all anxieties attacking you.

  4. Eliminating fear of death, sickness, misfortune and any other negative thoughts.

  5. Your inner mind and soul will be more peaceful. Therefore you can evade any stress attack or mental disturbance caused by incapacity to bear mind pressure.

  6. You will feel an overwhelming peace when practicing dhikr or praying and your prayer will be more solemn.

  7. You can accept yourself just the way you are. Your life will be happier, even though not everything is perfect.



  1. All your aspirations followed by effort will come true as long as it's good for you.

  2. You will radiate aura of success, so anything you do, as long as it's good, will earn you blessing and success.

  3. Success in obtaining a job you desire. Job offer or cooperation will come from people you might never expected before.

  4. Success in running business, either small or big.

  5. Success in exams or tests.

  6. Increasing working spirit and creativity in business.

  7. You will be deemed more reliable by everyone in business and work.

  8. Eliminating negative aura or mystical disturbance that causes you misfortune at work or business.

  9. Business partners will like to cooperate with you more.

  10. Earning abundant fortune from all sides.

  11. Balancing potention of body, mind and soul for your success.

  12. Success in career. Quickening process of position raise and making your boss likes you more.


Commerce Improvement

  1. All your commercial businesses will succeed, as long as you follow the principle of profit sharing and you don't cheat. You may not sell cheap goods with high prices, nor attempt to persuade people to buy your goods when they don't need them.

  2. Cleansing negative aura from your store to make customers like to visit and buy from you.

  3. Your revenue will increase. You can prove it yourself by comparing your revenue before and after using Tasbih Karamah. See your business improvement for one year, and you will know the difference.

  4. If you put Tasbih Karamah in your factory, store, office, or any other business place, then said business will grow fast in a relatively short time. 

  5. For sales or marketing, it will be easier to gain buyers without having to lie to potential buyers.

  6. If there is a wicked business rival who wants to attack your store/business with dark magic, then the dark magic will bounce back to the one who sent it.

  7. For businessmen, it helps making bussiness flow smoothly to avoid huge defisit.


Inner Resource / Supernatural Ability

  1. Tasbih Karamah can be used for any dhikr or  wirid and it will multiply the benefits of dhikr and wirid you recite.

  2. Increasing concentration ability and solemnity in dhikr.

  3. By continuously practicing Wirid Asmak Karamah, you will sharpen you inner power to be better from time to time. The inner power you have can be used for various needs, either for your own advantages or other's.

  4. Cleansing negative energy from lands and buildings. Negative energy on them could cause failure if they are used for business and hardship if they are used for living space.

  5. Influencing other people's mind, feeling, heart and action for good. With Tasbih Karamah as medium, you can open people's heart and mind to change for their sake.

  6. Commanding your subconscious to wake up at times you want. For example, you want to wake up at 2 in the morning, then you will wake up at 2 o'clock even though none wake you up and you use no alarm.

  7. Programming your subconscious to change your bad habits.


Health and Medical/Non-medical Healing

  1. Your body will be healthier day by day, even till you're old. By God's will, owners of Tasbih Karamah won't fall sick until their death so they can enjoy their life. Therefore they won't burden people around them.

  2. If you are ill, Tasbih Karamah can help healing your illness. Whatever the diagnosis is, you will heal as long as it's not an illness sent from God to take you back to his side.

  3. Evading deadly plague.

  4. Strengthening immune system to disease of all kind.

  5. Stopping virus and bactery propagation with the power of dhikr.

  6. Reducing pain to those suffering it.

  7. Refreshing and balancing functions of your body organs. Also keeping  neural network and blood circulation steady to avoid heart attack or stroke.

  8. You can practice healing therapy to mentally-stressed or insane people by giving them Tasbih Karamah-bathed water to drink.

  9. Healing people infected by black magic-caused disease.


There are 99 benefits in total. All those benefits are proven by ourselves and people who are already in possession of Tasbih Karamah before you. Now it's your turn to feel the joy of life with help and blessing from God. Remember, God will never change the condition of people until they change it themselves. So here comes the time for you to change your life.

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). Surah Ar-Ra'd verse 11


Mahr for Tasbih Karamah is USD 70 (Exclude Shipping Cost)

The aforementioned mahr is only a form of production and service cost. Don't regard this as sale, because blessing can't be sold. If blessing is salable, then the price must be far higher than USD 70. With your sincerity and understanding, blessing will be yours.


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