Tasbih Karamah


For those who need a spiritual means, that can help you to succeed in achieving any of your goals and to overcome problems relating to household, health, business, career and other life issues including in finding your soul mate.



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For it has 99 usefulness, Tasbih Karamah is useful to help the realization of all your desire and resolve all of your problems. You can also posses an inner resource which you can use for protection, healing, to increase personal magnetism, love power, to improve commerce, trade and business, authority, self confidence, to influence others, and more.


Tasbih KaramahTasbih Karamah is made ​from 99​ green natural stones,  which have been empowered by conducting religious rituals of wirid, dzikir, hizib and other form of prayers as taught by the saints. By the will of God, this Tasbih Karamah radiates its ray of karamah (nur karamah) energy that you can use as a means of support to your many various purposes including in solving all of your life problems.

Everybody can use and take benefit of this Tasbih Karamah, regardless the age and gender. There are no restrictions to use this prayer beads, nor it has side effects. This Tasbih Karamah is endowed with divine energy, not khodam / evil spirit, which make it safer to use. Tasbih Karamah is suitable for all religious beliefs and faiths, not restricted to Moslem only, as Islam is; blessing for the whole of nature (rahmatan lilalamamin). The only prerequirement in using this prayer beads is that it is used under the best intentions and good purposes only.


Karamah is the miracle that God gives to His Guardian. Meanwhile, for ordinary people like us, God may give his miracle in form of Ma'unah. So, what is the characteristics of people with Ma'unah? Nothing special about them, they just like any other ordinary people, but when needed, there are miracles happening to them.

“For example, a woman owns Tasbih Karamah, who has never learnt martial arts before, suddenly has the strength and bravery to fight a robber with a gun. The robber shot her three times at close range but she was not injured, which makes the robber fled in fear.

In her everyday life, she is just an ordinary woman. While slicing onions, she may cut her finger and bleeds, and when stepped on broken glass, she may pierce her foot. The emergence of COURAGE AND INVULNERABILTY TO BULLET are the Ma’unah or help that comes from God.

We call these beads as "Tasbih Karamah", it does not mean that this prayer beads will make you a saint, guardian of the sacred. The name indicates that: this prayer beads is made and endowed by the practice of wirid, dhikr, hizib, and other form of prayers as taught by the saints. Thus, by the will of God, from this Tasbih Karamah radiates blessings as owned by saints.

Karamah, ma’unah, and any other miraculous help of God do not come by itself. It means that we should be eligible or has to work on to get those miracles. How? The answer is by istiqomah. Substantially, karamah is the result of istiqomah.


That man can have nothing but what he strives for. Al-Quran, An-Najm: 39.


For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: they guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him any to protect. Al-Quran, Ar Rad: 11.


What is istiqomah? Istiqomah is a continuous practice of conduct, accompanied by faith and sincerity to what is conducted. Some scholars argue that "istiqomah is better than a thousand karamah.” This is because istiqomah is the tree, whereas karamah is only the fruits than come out of istiqomah.

Therefore, for all owners of Tasbih Karamah, we will teach you how to do (the pray of) Wirid Asmak Karamah. The wirid (pray) is very short, only consist of three words that are very easy to practice and would not take much of your busy time. Simply practice this pray once a day in istiqomah; for example after the sunset / Maghrib prayers for about 2-3 minutes, or one round of Tasbih Karamah. If you forgot inadvertent to do this pray, then, you should do the Wirid Asmak Karamah in two round the next day.

InsyaAllah, after doing do the Wirid Asmak Karamah in istiqomah, you will gain the benefits of Tasbih Karamah that you can employed in your real daily life. Thus, you will undergo a better and happier life, and be more successful in all aspects of your life.  You may also be out of any trouble that might come to you. Faith increases, resulting improvement in personality. You may also be able to help others with the inner power that you get from it. InsyaAllah, Tasbih Karamah could be your means of acts of worship for the good of your life and hereafter.


*What advantages Tasbih Karamah can give?
Among the advantages are:

  1. It has 99 benefits you can experience yourself.

  2. Endowed with Nur Karamah (karamah blessing of the Guardian).

  3. Made of natural stone that last longer than wooden beads.

  4. The benefits last for good (as long as the beads tangible).

  5. Practical and easy to use. Just do the wirid for 2-3 minutes.

  6. Does not contain khodam / evil spirit.

  7. No restrictions of use.

  8. No side effects.

  9. Can be taken anywhere, including to the bathroom without reducing its benefits.

  10. After purchasing this Tasbih Karamah, you can consult any of your doubt regarding the beads to Guru Masrukhan (Leader of Nusantara Parapsychology Association) for free, via email.

*Disclaimer : the result can be different for each person


Those are some advantages that you can get from this Tasbih Karamah. By the will of God, many people have experienced help from God through this Tasbih Karamah. Their live turned into the way they had ever wanted. Some owners of Akbar Tasbih Karamah even opened their own alternative medicinal practice for both medical and non-medical healing.


You might read advertisements in magazines or on the internet and find some people who offer magical beads that has been endowed with magical power within. They call it by different names. Some even claim that their magical beads are the best and most powerful. Since the large number of the offer, it might confuse you to choose.


Even so, we never claimed that our Tasbih Karamah is the best, as claiming to be best is an arrogance which is prohibited by God. As stated in the holy Qur'an


Serve Allah and join not any partners with Him: and do good― to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near neighbours who are strangers, the Companion by your side, the way-farer (ye meet) and what your right hands possess: for Allah loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious;―Al-Quran, An-Nisa': 36.


By that reason, we only dare to say that our Tasbih Karamah is the best result of our prayer and effort that we could do. We dare not boast of any kind, because we believe that everything comes from God. We are merely intermediaries, and that Tasbih Karamah is the means. To know what kinds of advantages that you can get from Tasbih Karamah, please go to the next page 99 benefits of Tasbih Karamah.



Using Karamah prayer beads as an INNER effort is HALAL / LEGAL
Karamah prayer beads is not a talisman that will not make you join any partner but Allah.  Please read (click) page on “Is Using Magical Objects Allowed?” InsyaAllah, you will be enlightened by the article and make you more determine to own your own Karamah prayer beads.
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